Who is Block
Block is me – my alter ego. My name is Matteo Brustenghi.
I’m a graphic designer from a calm, little town in the middle of Italy named Perugia.
Since 2005 I’ve worked in different agencies in Italy, nowadays for myself, as freelancer.

Block is good for
Corporate image. Print and layout design. Illustration. Web design. Photos.
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Block uses
All the Adobe C, especially Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator (a lot!). 
Cinema 4D (so and so). Wordpress (yeah!). iLife programs (pfiù!). 
Pen and pencil, paper, hands, fantasy (always).

Why Block
Block is big and seems solid. Block is good. Block sounds like rock. I really love rock music… a lot. And because I love Lego too!

How Block has fun
Writing and reading. 
Playing guitar and dj-ing rock songs. 
Drinking italian red wine.
Going to rock concerts.
Biking and hiking.
Writing my personal blog.

81x81meThat’s my face.